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Teaching Tips: Flipping the Classroom

Learn about the teaching model of the flipped classroom. Videos, testimonies, tips, and lessons are provided to prepare educators for possible implementation of this model. Interviews with the two teachers responsible for the flipped classroom concept are included. Articles both pro and con are included.


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This video shows an example of one teacher's process of flipping her AP Calculus class. (Total Running Time: 3:04). NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
This site provides a case study of Crystal Kirch and her experience flipping a high school math class; it includes an article and link to a video that tells her story.
This site provides information about the flipped classroom; specifically exploring what is different about the flipped class.
This site provides resources for educators interested in learning about flipping a classroom.
This site explores the innovative practice of flipping the classroom; specifically explaining what it is, how it works, the theoretical basis for the approach, key elements, resources for learning more, and references.
Watch Salman Khan discuss using video to reinvent education along with several other videos about flipping classrooms. Additional related links are given.
This site features links to posts, articles, and videos about the concept of Flipped Classrooms within a blog from "A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet" blog.
This site, developed by Aaron Sams, is a professional learning community for teachers using vodcasting in their classrooms.
This link to a blog discusses how the flipped classroom model worked for this math teacher.
This link provides six tips for SIMPLE flipped classroom videos.
This article provides pros and cons about the flipped classroom model.
This site provides numerous resources for educators learning about the flipped classroom model.
This article from Education Week discusses a teacher flips the concept of formative assessment back on herself.
Use these articles and links to better understand how teachers have used this model, the flipped classroom.
This downloadable article discusses the concept of a flipped classroom, how it functions, and downsides.
This link provides four resources to better understand flipping the classroom. Check out the archived webinar on Flipping Your Classroom with FIZZ.
Part Two in the series provides four more resources to better understand Flipping the Classroom.
Think about these five points before "jumping" into the flipped classroom model.
This site provides background information on the flipped class concept, examples, and activities to use with students.
This is not a video but is a site containing videos and other illustrations which explain the concept of flipping a class and how it works.
This is Jon Bergmann's website. He and Aaron Sams are credited with starting the Flipped Class model. Articles, lessons, and posts are given related to the flipped class.
This is a thoughtful article from a high school teacher who introduced flipping to students. She also designed a professional development course built around flipping.
Watch this video hosted by Jonathan Bergann and Aaron Sams, two science teachers from South Dakota, who are credited with initiating the model of the Flipped Class.

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