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Nursery Rhymes

These sites are about nursery rhymes. There are many lesson plans and ideas for teaching early reading skills to young students using familiar rhymes. There are many printable worksheets as well as games and activities.


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This site features thirty classic nursery rhymes and downloadable printouts for teaching early literacy.
Here are some ideas for enjoying the poetry of nursery rhymes with young students.
View these animations of familiar nursery rhymes that are slightly different from the usual rhyme.
Here is information about using rhymes to teach early literacy and other concepts. There is an index to rhyme pages and printouts.
Read or listen to nursery rhymes on this website.
Help the cow jump over the moon in this game. NOTE: The "Back" button leads to a commercial page with items for sale.
Reveal Mary's garden with this online memory game. NOTE: The "Back" button leads to a commercial page with items for sale.
Who was Mother Goose? Learn the history of Mother Goose in this website, along with some of her more famous rhymes. There are also finger plays and recipes to accompany them.
This page has lots of lesson plan and activity ideas for teaching with nursery rhymes.
Look up the rhymes to find the answers to each of these questions.
This site for teachers suggests games to use with students that have a nursery rhyme theme. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Explore this site to see creative illustrations of popular nursery rhymes. The pictures are composed of the words in the rhyme.
Nursery rhymes can teach us important lessons about character. This site links to an index of rhymes, audio files, and printable coloring pages.
Explore this virtual village populated by characters from familiar nursery rhymes. You can read the traditional rhymes, or think about the questions associated with each story.
Students can learn to identify written words with identical endings using nursery rhymes with this lesson plan.
These sites feature authors who write poetry for children. Includes biographies of poets and examples of their work. Learn about Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Sara Holbrook, Edward Lear, and other poets. Included are eThemes Resources on writing poetry, figurative language, and poems and songs about rivers and ponds.



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