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Literature: "The View From Saturday" by E.L. Konigsburg

Use the variety of lesson plans for pre-reading, discussion, and vocabulary activities. Writing prompts are given for student journals. An author interview provides facts for students about writing, character development and random acts of kindness.


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On this site, the author discusses being a writer, her children, ideas for books, and the importance of random acts of kindness.
This detailed lesson plan includes topics such as literary elements, point of view, and flashbacks. Writing prompts are also included.
This site provides information on the author's work and education is provided.
Use this discussion guide with students for pre-reading activities, discussion topics, and extension activities involving various subject areas.
This site contains a book summary, novel discussion questions, and a snack suggestion related to the book.
This novel study provides vocabulary, questioning strategies, and a preparation activity for the novel, "The View From Saturday".

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