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Literature Awards: Show Me Reader Awards Nominees 2012-2013

Learn about the Show Me Readers Award and see who the 2012-2013 nominees are. There are links to sites about the authors, the books, and other activities. Includes links to eThemes Resources on previous Show Me Readers Award nominees.


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This site by the Missouri Association of School Librarians gives some background information and links to resources on the Show Me Readers Award including past winners and nominees, and an online award store.
Use this Prezi presentation to introduce students to the Show Me Readers Award and the 2012-2013 nominees. This Prezi was designed by Rhonda Hoard.
Learn about the Roseanne Thong's book "Fly Free!" and find links to book reviews, information about the author, and other resources.
This activity helps students be aware of good deeds done by people at home, in school, and in their community. Students "spot" good deeds and record them in a journal.
In this activity, students use the "good deeds" journal to reflect how all people can be good citizens. Students also look over the variety of good deeds that were done to decide which ones are of interest to them.
On this author site find information about "How Rocket Learned to Read" and other books by Tad Hills. NOTE: This site has links that lead to websites with discussion boards.
Use this interactive ABC match game with your students. Three difficulty levels will entice students to practice letters and memory skill.
Share this video with students. Based on a picture book by the same title, a boy is assisted by three librarians who answer his questions as he grows.
This activity gives students insight on family life during the Great Depression. Student learn about bartering to satisfy wants. The book, "Potato: A Tale From the Great Depression" by Kate Lied is needed for the activity.
This activity gives students a method to use unconventional units of measure to estimate and is similar to Marshall Loman's project with beans.
Watch a goldfish that can play soccer! A brief video and factual information about goldfish, creating pictures of a favorite pet goldfish is given. NOTE: Responses from readers are given.
This detailed teacher guide provides an integrated unit about penguins for primary students. A Penguin Memory Book is included for students to record information about penguins. Art activities, maps, and an activity simulating an oil spill is given.
Watch this interview with Missouri author, Kate Klise, with your students. There are 16 brief segments or you can watch the entire interview as she discusses her approach to writing and advice for young writers.
Missouri has many famous women. Use this site for information about Missourian Kate Klise and her subject, Ella Ewing. NOTE: This site contains a blog.
Share this historical information and photographs about Ella Ewing. This site contains information about other "giants" and "gigantism". NOTE: This site contains advertising and a discussion forum.
Check out this site with students to learn about the Girl Scouts and the program's mission and badges.
Watch this video about volunteering and how kids can help in their community.
This teaching unit explores homelessness with primary students. Activities include learning about charitable organizations and a service project. A math, language arts, and art activity are given.
This instructional unit provides lessons,vocabulary, and a service project for an animal shelter.
Use these websites which complement the picture books that are nominated for the "Show Me" book award. You will find sites for the animal celebrities(Nubs and Dewey), sites that deal with getting along(Peace Week), websites of Long Meadow Rescue Ranch(Twist of Fate) and Hazel Ridge Farm(Itsy Bitsy). Swimming safety tips (Testing the Water) and historical sites on segregation (Finding Lincoln) are provided. All of the "Show Me" nominees are highlighted with a site.

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