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Math: Geometry: Transformations for Lower Elementary

These sites are about geometric transformations including sites to help students visualize shapes after they have been reflected, rotated, flipped, and translated. Includes lesson plans and printable card games as well as virtual interactive manipulative that lets students change the shapes online. There are also links to eThemes Resources on transforming shapes, visual spatial skills, and shapes.


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Learn about three basic transformations in geometry through interactive visualization. Includes a transformations practice worksheet at the bottom of a page. Note: This site includes ads.
Watch object's movement and choose the word that names the move.
Learn about different ways to transform a shape including translation, rotation, reflection and enlargement. Include a simulation and questions for each topic. Note: The "Talk" link is a link to discussion forum.
In this activity, students will learn about transformations through an illustration and manipulation of tangram.
Match the transformation between the letters.
This lesson plan provides teaching idea for slides, flips, turns, and congruence using pentominos.
This six-page pdf is printable card games that can go along with teaching transformation concept.
A twenty-one page pdf has suggested activities and games regarding transformations by using a context of astronomy.
These sites help students visualize what shapes look like after they have been reflected, rotated, flipped, and translated. Includes virtual manipulatives that lets students change the shapes online. There are links to eThemes Resources on shapes, symmetry, and tessellations.
These sites focus on visual-spatial skills. Includes information about orthographic and isometric projections, rotation of objects from different axes, cutting planes and cross-sections, object reflection and transformation, and symmetry. There are suggested ideas, simulations, and activities that can be used to promote visual and spatial skills. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Geometry: Symmetry.
These sites are about shapes including quadrilaterals and polygons. Includes definitions and examples of various shapes in everyday life. There are interactive sites with games, manipulatives, and animated movies. Includes links to eThemes Resources on symmetry, triangles, lines, tessellations, and geometric solids.

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