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Literature: "The Little Prince" by Antoine de St. Exupery

These sites are about Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s children’s book “The Little Prince” which explores friendship and other topics. Includes: a brief biography of the author, websites about the themes and philosophy in the story, discussion questions, a student resource, and a lesson plan. Some of the resources contain games, worksheets, and other activities. Includes a link to the eThemes Resource on the literary theme on friendship.


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Read about the author of "The Little Prince" and many other books on flying, Antoine de Saint-Exupery on this PBS site. NOTE: The "Related Links" on the site are either all broken or link to advertising.
Learn about the deeper meaning of Saint-Exupery's story "The Little Prince" through the use of these many discussion questions. Includes a brief summary and guidelines for discussions.
Learn about the main themes in "The Little Prince" on this "official" website. Click on "Work" and a drop-down menu will appear with the following options discussing various aspects of the book and author: "The Autor (Author)," "Birth of the Book," and "The Story." Includes games and other links. NOTE: This site is highly commercialized and links to social networking sites.
Use these questions about the book "The Little Prince" to stimulate discussion and ideas among students.
This student's resource page includes activities, a student guide, worksheets/handouts, teaching ideas, and links to other resources including: an Antoine de Saint-Exupery biography, a Little Prince computer game, and a version of the original translation of the book, as well as information on two sequel books by other authors.
This PDF showcases lesson plans for teaching "The Little Prince" and "The Neverending Story." In addition to reading the stories, they require that the movie adaptations of the books be shown to the class. Includes discussion questions, activities, and assessments.

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