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Poetry: Value of Poetry

These sites are about the value of poetry. Read articles to find information about and functions of poetry in education and therapy. There is a link to eThemes resource on Poetry: Imagery.


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This lesson involves twenty class periods and is intended to guide high school students through types of poetry, attitudes toward the function and reception of poetry and poetry techniques involving reflection.
This site features art and the poems they created.
Eli Siegel explains what poetry is and philosophy of Aesthetic Realism.
In this essay, the author describes why people should read poetry. NOTE: This site includes ads and a link to a discussion forum.
Use these sites with students to model how to create a persuasive essay promoting the value of poetry.
This article describes benefits of poetry as therapy.
This page provides an overview of poetry in America including attitudes of Americans towards poetry.
These sites are about imagery in poetry and writing. Learn what imagery is and how it can be used in poetry and writing. Includes exercises and lesson plans. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Poetry: Simile and Figurative Language, Figurative Language, Writing: Similes and Metaphors, and Writing: Personification.



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