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Teaching Tips: Indoor Recess Activities for Elementary Grades

These sites include activities for elementary teachers to use during indoor recess. Includes games and healthy activities to help students burn extra energy when they are trapped indoor because of foul weather.


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These activities provide teachers with easy options for allowing kids to burn some of their extra energy while trapped indoors.
This blog explains what an indoor recess box is and offers suggestions for how to keep it stocked. Note: This site includes ads.
This 10-page PDF includes descriptions of various indoor activities to do with students during indoor recess.
This blog offers suggestions for ways to fill indoor recess time in the cafeterias, classroom, auditorium, hallway and gym.
This online database includes kid safe and healthy games that can be searched according to age group, group size and length.
This site provides suggestions for activities to do with students when outdoor recess isn't possible. NOTE: This site includes ads.

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