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Historic Documents: Emancipation Proclamation

These sites have information about the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. See the actual document and read about its impact on slavery and the Civil War. Includes a timeline with important events. There are links to eThemes Resources on slavery during the Civil War, the slave trade, and the Underground Railroad.


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View images of the actual document and read about the impact it had on slavery. Click on the "Audio" link at the bottom of the page to listen to a former slave's account of life after the proclamation.
Learn about the history of this document. Find out when Lincoln drafted and announced the proclamation in "Timeline." See photos of the drafts in "Gallery."
This site has photos of the original document as well as the preliminary draft. Lots of facts about the document can be found on this site.
Ben explains to young students what the proclamation is all about. Includes a map of the United States with the slave and free states labeled.
This site is about the Civil War and the emancipation of slaves. To continue reading, click on "Next" at the bottom. Other topics include John Brown and Harpers Ferry.
This page tells about Lincoln and his decision to outlaw slavery.
This site explains the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation on the Civil War and explains why it didn't free all slaves.
Read about this president's life and his efforts to end slavery.
These sites contain information about the Civil War and slavery. Learn about the inception of American slavery, the life of a slave, the Underground Railroad, the Missouri Compromise, and the John Brown raid. See currency from the Confederacy with slaves on it. Includes links to other eThemes on the Civil War.
These sites are about the Underground Railroad movement that helped runaway slaves escape to Canada. Learn about Harriet Tubman and other influential leaders. Listen to songs and read the lyrics that secretly told the escape route. Play a game that allows you to face the same decisions the runaway slaves faced. Includes maps and historic photographs, plus a link to an eThemes Resource on the slave trade.
These sites provide information on the slave trade that involved the United States and Africa. See maps of the sailing routes and read first-hand accounts of slave life. Take part in a simulated slave auction.

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