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The Regency Era

These site are about the Regency Era (early 19th Century). Learn about life during the time of Jane Austen, Lord Byron and John Keats, including information on religion; art, literature, and music; daily life; and science and technology. Includes links to eThemes: Author Study: Jane Austen, and Literature: “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen.


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This site shares information about courtship and marriage rituals prevalent in Regency England.
This blog includes Regency Era research, with links to: Regency lexicon (slang), Regency money, Regency dancing, Regency timeline, and Regency Prime Ministers. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.)
This site provides information about Regency England; includes: introduction, weddings, shopping, fashion, romances, and book reviews.
This site includes a wealth of information about the Regency period; includes the following subjects: Christmas, calendar, church, dance & music, education, everyday living, food, law, marriage, medicine, parliament & politics, peers & peerage, people, period publications, Regency fashion, royalty, science, theatre, titles & names, visual arts, and war.
This site explores information about life during the Regency Era; specific topics include: Regency Life, horses & carriages, and Regency weddings and marriage.
This site includes a glossary of terms popular during the Regency Era. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site explores life during the Regency Era; topics of interest include: arts, education, fashion, military, places, politics, Regency romances, sciences, shopping arcade, town bronze, and writings.
This site looks at common errors related to the Regency Era; including: the ranks of the peerage; a breakdown of King George III's lineage, precedence, marriage laws, consanguinity, annulment and divorce, inheritance, and other common errors.
This lesson uses "Pride and Prejudice" to teach students about the social history of the period; includes: introduction, guiding questions, learning objectives, background, preparation instructions, lesson activities, assessment, and extending the lesson ideas.
These sites are about the author Jane Austen. There is biographical and historical information as well as lesson plans for teaching her novels, including "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma", "Persuasion", and "Sense and Sensibility."
This site has an on-line version of "Sense and Sensibility", chapter synopsis, and biographical information about Jane Austen. Behind the scene video clips provide background on the characters, costumes, and set location. Included is an eThemes Resource on Author Study: Jane Austen.

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