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Seasons: Summer

These websites are about the summer season. There are information, games, worksheets, lesson plans, and crafts. Includes information about the sun, sunburns, camping, and more. There are links to eThemes on Independence Day, Labor Day, and Seasons.


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This website gives a basic understanding of how the Sun, Earth and Moon are in relation to one another, as well as how these relationships create the seasons.
The summer solstice is explained, with three different comprehension levels to choose from as well as a diagram showing the path the sun travels. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Included in this website is a picture of the summer solstice with material explaining what it is.
Learn about summer camp, car camping, and how Miami Beach was transformed from a swamp to a vacation paradise.
Watch as Tim and Moby explain why the sun is so hot. Then try the quiz and the experiment and activity pages.
Here are many fun summer crafts for young students.
Print out this stationary and write about your summer vacation.
Print out and work on this summer word search.
Use this worksheet to write a poem about your summer vacation.
Learn about lightning bugs on this cool website.
Read about ways to protect yourself in the summer sun.
Read about what you'll need to go camping. The following pages include tips on camping safety and recipes for camping.
This one-page PDF file is a worksheet for young students to print and fill out.
This one-page PDF file is a word scramble that can be printed out for young students to complete.
This one-page PDF file is a harder word scramble for students to complete.
Read about why sunburns are bad for your skin, and how you can avoid getting a sunburn.
This lesson plan challenges elementary students to write a story based on summer in Missouri. Includes printable resources to go along with the lesson plan.
Read excerpts from summer poems by famous poets.
This site has links to interesting information about summer topics. There are also links to summer games and quizzes.
These sites have information about the history of Independence Day. There are many online games, crafts, and activity ideas. Listen to patriotic music, create your own fireworks show, and download free patriotic clip art. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, and citizenship.
These sites are about the Labor Day holiday. Includes the history of Labor Day, why it is important, crafts, and lesson plans. There are word search and word scramble activities. Links to eThemes on career exploration and child labor are included.
These websites are about the earth's seasons and why they occur. There are animations, worksheets, interactive quizzes, and lesson plans. One site allows you to send seasonal e-Cards to your friends. Includes links to eThemes on winter, spring, summer, and autumn.



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