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Shakespeare: "Richard III"

These sites are about William Shakespeare’s historical play “Richard III”. Includes links to a downloadable eBook version of the play, a plot summary, a teacher’s guide, an analysis of the text, biographical and historical information on Richard III, a student-created website, a podcast, and more. Also includes a link to the eThemes resource on the life and times of William Shakespeare.


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Download and read an eBook version of "Richard III" in HTML, EPUB, Kindle, or other formats for your eReader.
Read a full-text version of "Richard III" which includes a line-by-line dictionary. A printer-friendly version is available by clicking on the icon.
Read a summary of William Shakespeare's play "Richard III". NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
This site includes vocabulary terms from the play, as well as pre-/post-reading assignments and a printer-friendly study sheet.
This teacher's guide includes activities and discussion questions for use before, while, and after reading Shakespeare's play.
This site offers a scene-by-scene analysis of each of the five acts of the play. Click on the link at the bottom of each page to advance to the next act.
This site includes historical information about Richard III, the last king of the Yorkist lineage.
This is a site that provides an alternative history and some background into the life and times of Richard III. Click on the "Richard III" tab and then on a link in the drop-down menu for more information about the king.
This student-created website consider Shakespeare's characterization of Richard III.
Listen to an "All Things Considered" podcast about the English king Richard III and how the image of him in Shakespeare's play may not be an accurate one.
Learn about the origins of the conflict, important battles and people, and more. NOTE: This site includes sponsored links.
Learn about William Shakespeare, the places he lived, and the time period he lived in. Read the full text of some of his most popular works. Make a virtual visit to Anne Hathaway's cottage or Stratford-Upon-Avon. Try an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of Shakespeare, plus try to identify which words he invented. Visit an old Renaissance town and see what life was like in Shakespeare's time.

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