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Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Tombs and Mummies

These sites are about ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies. Includes information about the tombs of Pharaohs, craftsmen, scribes, and workers in/near the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, as well as sites on Egyptian religion, burial practices, and beliefs about the afterlife. Also includes games, a quiz, and student-created websites. There are also links to the related eThemes Resources about ancient Egypt and the pyramids.


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This site includes information about the tombs of ancient Egyptian kings, queens, noblemen, and workers spanning across a period of thousands of years.
Read about and see photographs of ancient Egyptian tombs. This site includes information on the tombs of many different classes of people in addition to the Pharaohs, such as scribes and craftsmen. Also includes a link to virtual reality 3-D tours of several tombs. Click on the "Eye" icon next to the type of tomb you would like to see. NOTE: The 3-D tour requires that a plugin be installed on your browser.
This is a student-created website. Click on the "Mummification" tab for more information on ancient Egyptian tombs. You can also click on "The Valley of the Kings" or "Pyramids" for related information. Includes a quiz that may be accessed by clicking on the "Study Hall" tab.
Learn about the Valley of the Kings through photographs, maps, and brief articles on the topic and related topics. Includes a history of archaeological digs and recent news. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links at the bottom of the page.
Students can test their knowledge of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt with this 10 question multiple choice quiz. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other ads, and sponsored links.
There is speculation that there may be more tombs like that of King Tutankhamun lying buried in the Valley of the Kings. Read about why some archaeologists believe this, or click on the "Related Links" on the left side of the page to view other content. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on links to pages about ancient Egyptian tombs, mummification practices, Egyptian deities, and more.
Read about the afterlife as it was understood by the ancient Egyptians. Includes information on tombs, mummification, mummy cases, funerary objects and more. Also includes links to activities and teaching aids.
Watch a brief video that explains the ancient Egyptian tombs and beliefs about the afterlife.
This site includes ideas for school projects, games, activities, and more. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
Students can learn about ancient Egyptian tombs, mummies, and pyramids through this interactive game.
Explore the mummy's tomb with this interactive game. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Read about ancient Egyptian religious traditions, artifacts and a mummy found at an ancient Egyptian tomb, and the "mummy science" that tells us about life and death during that time. NOTE: This site includes pop-up messages.
Read about ancient Egyptian religion and how it related to their notions of death and burial practices. See the "Related Links" in the sidebar on the right to explore other related topics. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This PDF worksheet includes 10 questions to get students thinking about Egyptian tombs, mummies, and concepts of the afterlife. NOTE: All of the links to additional Internet resources on the second page are broken.
These sites have information about Ancient Egyptian culture, society, and geography. Topics include the people, art treasures, hieroglyphic messages, mummies, and more. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Egyptian Pyramids and Modern Culture.
Explore these sites to learn about the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Includes illustrations and interactive sites. There are links to eThemes Resources on angles and triangles, Modern Egypt, and ancient culture.

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