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Teaching Tips: Bullying Prevention

Educators, administrators, and counselors will find numerous sites for dealing with bullying. Curriculum guides for grades PreK through 12 are downloadable. “Bullied”, a free curriculum kit, can be ordered. eThemes Resource: Teaching Tips: Digital Citizenship provides numerous links for educators to use for cyberbullying and safe use of social media.


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Educators can order this kit for free. The kit is designed to assist administrators, teachers, and counselors provide a safe environment for all students. "Bullied" is endorsed by the NEA.
This set of tips is designed to assist students in dealing with bullying.
This downloadable set of guidelines is designed to assist educators on what to do and not do in dealing with bullying.
This site provides curriculum for grades PreK-12. Teacher's guides cover ages PreK-2; grades 3-5; grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. The guides contain standards, related links, discussion questions, activities for students, and reproducible materials.
This activity provides factual information for students and helps dispel myths about bullying.
This site provides a reference for educators to use to make classrooms safe and learning environments.
Use this site with kids, tweens, teens, and parents. Videos, a podcast, and laws on bullying are given.
Promote school awareness about bullying by sponsoring a poster contest. Use one of the curriculum sites on the web site. Additional lesson about bullying have links on this site.
This site provides a week long curriculum for educators. The lessons include bullying awareness, teaching effective ways to respond to bullying, and preventing bullying of those with disabilities.
This site provides an anti-bullying curriculum for K-2-Friends Helping Friends to Prevent Bullying; 3-5-Bully-Free Zone; 6-8-Take a Stand on Bullying; and 9-12-Bullying Prevention Plan. Information for parents is also given.
This site uses children's literature to take a stand against bullying. Utilizing curriculum connections and CCSS, suggestions for books for k-12 are provided and discussion prompts given.
These sites are about cyberbullying. Learn what cyberbullying is, how it works, why people cyberbullly, how to stop it, and what steps to take when encountering bullying. Includes interactive games, cartoons, real-life stories, and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resource on Internet Safety and Bullying.
This site is about digital citizenship and provides safety information on a variety of technology tools. Responsible usage of technology, games and videos are included as well as articles and hand-outs. Curriculum units are free and available upon request or by downloading them. Also included are eThemes Resources on cyberbullying.

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