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Colonial Craftsmen

These links are about colonial craftsmen. Learn about the trades and occupations of the settlers in the colonies of North America. There are many links to sites with information on the various colonial trades/occupations, some of which were created by students. There are also links to sites on life and customs in New Amsterdam and other colonies, lesson plans and activities on the bartering system and interdependence, and videos on the tools that the colonists would have used in their daily lives. Also includes links to the eThemes Resources on daily life in the thirteen colonies and the early settlement of North America.


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This site includes links to other pages with information on seven aspects of Dutch rule and colonial life in New Amsterdam and along the Hudson River. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
This site includes information about daily life in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam.
Move your mouse around the image or across the terms to the right of the image to learn about colonial life. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This unit plan includes two lessons on the concept of interdependence and bartering in the North American colonies. Click on the links under "Lesson Plans for this Unit" to access the lessons. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
This role-playing activity includes printable PDF handouts for students to learn about colonial trades and the bartering system.
Click a city or colony for more information. Then, scroll down and click on any of the icons to learn more about particular colonial trades in the "Colonial Town Center" box. Also includes general information about British, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Russian colonies in North America.
Click on "Meet the Tradesmen" for details about specific trades or click on "Activities" for games and more. This site was created by fourth grade students at Pocantico Hills Central School in Sleepy Hollow, New York.
This site includes links to sites with information on the various trades and crafts of the colonial era. Many of the sites link to the Colonial Williamsburg site.
See a website about colonial occupations which was created by fourth grade students.
This student-created website offers explanations of more than ten colonial trades. NOTE: This site includes links to a guestbook.
There were more choices for colonial occupations than you might think! This site gives the names of most of the colonial occupations with very brief definitions of the terms.
This site presents an overview of colonial occupations and customs from New England to the Mid-Atlantic colonies to the Southern colonies. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about the colonial occupations of minister, teacher, and doctor. This site details three aspects of colonial life. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Lean about the long history of soap and how it is made. Scroll down to the heading "Soap in the American Colonies" for information on soap making in early America. NOTE: This is a commercial site and it includes ads and sponsored links.
Watch videos of people using early American tools. NOTE: These videos require that video player software such as QuickTime or Real Player be installed on your computer.
These sites are about early European settlement of North America. There is information about Spanish, English, French, and Dutch colonization, including period images and maps. Find out what daily life was like for kids, men, and women. Included are two related eThemes resources on Colonial life.
These sites are about daily life in colonial period. Learn about the colonists' education, clothing, chores, and games. Includes online quizzes and some videos. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on early settlements of North America and the Pilgrims.

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