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Science: Human Origins and Evolutionary Theory

These sites are about the origins of humankind as explained by human evolutionary theory. Includes links to videos, audio podcasts, an interactive documentary, interactive timelines, and lesson plans. Also includes information about specific human and hominid species, and it links to the human origins site at the Smithsonian. Although he did not specifically reference humankind and evolution in his writings, the eThemes resource on Charles Darwin is included in the list of links for this topic, as his writings did open the door for such considerations.


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Find out what it means to be human and learn about human origins from the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian. Includes digital collections, interactive timelines, religious perspectives on evolution, fun facts, and more
Click on the "Media-rich Lesson Ideas" link for lesson plans or click on any of the links in the "Learn the Science" section for access to the three-part video program and other interactives. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Click on "Begin the Program" to access the interactive documentary or launch the interactive timeline.
Instructions for viewing the timeline are found below the graphic. View the timeline and significant archaeological finds or click on "Hominid Family Tree" or "Species Gallery" near the bottom of the page to see that content. NOTE: If you do click on the family tree or species gallery, remember to click on "Close" to leave those pages.
This podcast talks about one of the major theses of the "What Does It Mean To Be Human?" exhibit at the Smithsonian: that being that extreme climate change drove human evolution. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.
Click on any of the seven topics/illustrations to explore that area. Includes information on Charles Darwin, change, extinction, survival, human evolution, evolution and religion, and more.
This full color PDF includes a timeline/map of migration of humans and their ancestors, and list the major lineages in the evolution of man.
This site includes information about the hominid genus Australopithecus.
This tutorial provides information on the early human ancestor known as Homo Erectus. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Return to Menu" to see related topics.
Read about homo habilis, see where the fossils were found, and see where the species fits on the evolutionary timeline. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites and an online store.
Watch an hour-long video about the story of our evolutionary cousins the Neanderthals and the scientific journey to decode their genetic sequence. Click on "Watch the Program" to view the movie.
Listen to a podcast about the 2003 discovery of the oldest human fossils which date back 160,000 years. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.
Listen to a 30 minute podcast lecture about how Homo Sapiens became the most influential species on the planet. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.
This site includes information on popular misconceptions about evolution.
These sites are about Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution. Learn about his life and works. Topics include Beagle voyage, Galapagos Islands, The Origin of Species, and more. There are a webcast, educator's guides, and a lesson plan that go along with this theme. There are links to eThemes Resources on natural selection and animal adaptations.

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