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Kentucky: History

These sites are about the history of Kentucky. Includes encyclopedia entries and articles about Kentucky pre-history, Daniel Boone, the Kentucky statehood movement, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War in Kentucky, the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky, the history of Kentucky Coal, the Kentucky Derby, and the NCAA basketball champion University of Kentucky Wildcats. Also includes links to the eThemes resources on Daniel Boone and Kentucky facts.


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Read about the prehistoric cultures of the area which is now known as Kentucky. Includes photographs of artifacts and Mississippian mounds.
This site offers a history of Kentucky from early exploration and settlement up until the end of the twentieth century. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Read about Daniel Boone's own account of his first jouney into and settlement of the area which would become the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
This article includes information about the movement for Kentucky statehood.
Read about the connections between President Lincoln and Kentucky, his birthplace.
This site includes information about Kentucky during the Civil War.
Read about the impacts of the Union and the Confederacy on Kentucky during the Civil War. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Listen to audio recordings and watch videos of interviews about life under segregation, desegregation, protests/demonstrations, and other aspects of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky.
This teacher's resource include biographies, a timeline, images, videos, and more. There is a list of resources for students of all ages.
Coal has been an important part of Kentucky's history and economy since the early 1900s. This site has information on Kentucky's coal heritage including a historical timeline and a listing of the various coal camps throughout the state.
Read about the eight-time NCAA Basketball champions--the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Also find information on the championship games, team photographs, player statistics, and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about the history of the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs. Click on a time period to see information from that time.
These sites are about the famous frontiersman and adventurer, Daniel Boone. Includes resources related to his life in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Missouri. Also includes a downloadable eBook, a quiz, and more.
These sites offer facts about Kentucky including state song, symbols, history, maps, and fun trivia. Includes a link to the eThemes resource on Kentucky history.

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