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Grammar: Spelling: Word Work

These sites provide online and interactive activities on spelling and word work. Learn about and practice spelling patterns and rules, vowels and consonant patterns. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Spelling; Literature: Online Activities for Lower Elementary; Literature: Online Activities for Upper Elementary; Teaching Tips: Phonemic Awareness; and Reading Skills: Vowels.


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Print one-page pdf and add the initial consonant for each word family ending.
Use given letters to make a word that fits the clue.
This lesson plan aims to help students learn and develop understandings of word patterns based on their sound and spelling patterns.
Match pictures to the correct categories namely beginning letter sounds, short vowel sounds, and long vowel sounds.
Build new words by choosing an ending and a beginning from word bank.
Choose a correct phoneme to fill in the gaps in the word.
Locate the given vowel phoneme in the postcard.
These sites include many interactive spelling games that are fun for the SMARTboard. Also includes lists of common spelling rules and tips on helping students learn to spell.
These sites provide interactive quizzes and games to practice reading skills. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on spelling.
These websites include interactive activities to work on reading skills. Activities focus on different skills like fact and opinion, compare and contrast, and drawing conclusions. There are links to eThemes resources on other literature activities, reading strategies, and online stories.
These sites have information and tips for teaching phonemic awareness skills and concepts to young students. There are many online activities such as games to help build awareness, and resources for teachers on how to implement teaching strategies in the classroom. Included are eThemes resources on basic reading skills, syllables, and decoding strategies.
Learn how to read and pronounce short, long, and double vowels. The following web sites include games, hands-on activities with animations and sounds, and lesson plans. There are links to eThemes recourses on spelling and reading strategies.

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