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Health: Prevention and Control of Diseases

These sites provide information about infectious and noninfectious diseases. Learn about their causes, prevention, and treatment. Includes personal health practices that minimize disease. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Anatomy: Immune System, Health: Germs: Infection, Detection and Protection, Vaccinations, Viral Diseases, and many more links on diseases.


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In this activity, students will discover where bacteria can be found by exploring the website: Infection Detection Protection. Interactives, games, and creating a comic strip are some of the lessons.
Learn about causes of infection diseases, scientific discovery of diseases' causes, prevention, and treatment. Includes games, interactive stories, and more.
The Scrub Club provides an interactive site that teaches about the practice of good handwashing. Materials for educators and parents are available.
This is 10 advices to avoid infectious diseases.
This site is designed for kids to learn about immune system and diseases, and disease control and prevention through characters. Includes games and quizzes.
This site provides information about causes and prevention for common health problems found in kids.
These sites have information about the immune system for students in the upper grades. Includes several animations, online quizzes, and interactive sites that allow you to explore the immune system. There are links to eThemes Resources on AIDS/HIV and human body systems.
Sites are about germs (bacteria and viruses) and diseases. Covers tips for disease prevention, such as hand-washing, food safety, vaccines, etc. Includes lesson plans, hands-on activities and interactive games.
Vaccinations prevent disease. Students and teachers can learn about vaccines for human papillomavirus and whooping cough. Included are eThemes resources on germs and viral diseases.
What are viruses? Which viruses can cause cancer? Find the answers on these web sites. Learn about these viruses: the human papillomavirus, chicken pox, and dengue fever. Included are eThemes resources on polio, pandemics, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
These sites are all about personal hygiene. Do I smell? Why do feet stink? Why do I need to use deodorant and shampoo? There are answers to these questions and many more. Learn about head lice and puberty. Includes a link to the eThemes resources on the human body and teeth.



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