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Missouri: Famous People: Dred Scott

Read about Dred Scott, the famous slave who sued in court for his freedom. Find out what the Supreme Court’s ruling meant for all slaves. Includes biographies, primary documents, and newspaper editorials from the time period. There are links to eThemes Resources on the Civil War, slavery, and the Missouri Compromise.


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Read about Dred Scott and the famous Supreme Court case that ruled that slaves were not citizens.
Read the official text of the Supreme Court decision.
View this painting of Dred Scott that was given to the Missouri Historical Society.
This article discusses the effects of the Dred Scott decision, although the reading level is for older students.
This is an encyclopedia entry about Dred Scott and the court case.
The "Exhibits" link shows images of primary documents from Dred Scott's court cases plus links to the text. Click on "Chronology" to see a timeline of his life.
This article is accompanied by illustrations, including an image of Harriett Scott.
Read about the efforts to protect the official documents from the first Dred Scott court case. Click on "Next Page" to read more.
This site offers a brief biography written for children.
This page explains the Dred Scott decision in terms younger students can understand. Includes images.
This Missouri Secretary of State site offers lesson plans and primary documents about the Dred Scott case. Read about two previous freedom suits and learn how these findings applied to the Dred Scott case. The reading level is for older students.
Learn about Missouri's place in Civil War history. There is information about battles and slavery in Missouri. Includes several eThemes Resources on the Civil War.
These sites have information about the Civil War and slavery. Learn about the inception of American slavery, the life of a slave, the Underground Railroad, the Missouri Compromise, and the John Brown raid. See currency from the Confederacy with slaves on it. Includes links to other eThemes Resources about the Civil War.
These sites are about the Missouri Compromise and its influence on the United States. Find out about Henry Clay and his role in this decision. Includes maps and some online quizzes. Includes a Missouri Heritage video about Missouri becoming a state, plus links to eThemes Resources on the Civil War.

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