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Life in the Past and Life Now

Compare life in the past with life now. Learn how key inventions of the past have changed the world. Find out what kind of clothing people wore in ancient times, what they ate, and how they traveled. Includes online games, quizzes, printouts, and coloring pages. There are links to eThemes resources about life of prehistoric people, ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, western civilizations, Middle Ages, and first American colonies.


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Play a history detective and follow clues to learn about life of one family that lived 200 years ago in Delaware. Includes photographs and historical drawings.
Learn about technology in 1900s. Click on the "Features" on the image map to explore designs of early automobiles, music video, and the first telephone. Select the "Snap Shot" to learn what people in 20th century predicted about the 21st century. The "Buzz" page includes answers to many interesting questions about historical facts and inventions.
Take a historical tour from ancient Greece to the 20th century. NOTE: The reading level is for older students. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about the times of Vikings, Rome, and Great Britain. Use the "TimeStrip" link to view the time line. Includes printouts and online games. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
This page has activities for kids to build a tepee from a paper bag, a castle from cardboard, a pyramid, and a town from old boxes. The page includes other buildings from different eras.
Learn how people dressed during the Renaissance times and color this page. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This is a coloring page of a Renaissance woman. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Explore the timeline of 20th century. Read about historical dates, people, and events.
This time line is divided into decades and includes significant events in the American history, science and technology, and arts.
Read about most important inventions of the last 25-30 years and how life has changed during that time.
Find out about changes in transportation, food, and styles of American people in last century. Includes online trivia. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
Learn about life of Native Americans, pilgrims, explorers, pioneers, and most significant events in the life of America.
Select a century to learn about its historical events around the world.
Learn about government, education, religion, and everyday life during the Middle Ages. The site is illustrated with images and includes an online crossword puzzle.
Find out how people dressed in the Roman Empire. The page includes photographs and pictures. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
Take a trip back in time by selecting an era in American history from the interactive timeline. Read about important people and events from Colonial times to the present.
These sites have information about Ancient Egyptian culture, society, and geography. Topics include the people, art treasures, hieroglyphic messages, mummies, and more. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Egyptian Pyramids and Modern Culture.
These sites have information about the people, architecture, government, and daily life in ancient Greece. View images of Greek ruins, learn the Greek alphabet, and read about the famous city of Athens. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on mythology.
Learn about daily life in ancient Rome. Topics include architecture, food, Roman baths, roads, clothing, and more. Includes photographs of ancient art and Roman ruins, including the Colosseum and Circus Maximus.
These sites are about the knights from the Middle Ages or the Medieval period. Covers the topics of heraldry and chivalry. Includes photographs of armor and weapons used by knights. There are links to eThemes Resources on medieval castles and feudalism.
Explore the ancient civilizations of the Maya, Inca, Aztec, Cahokia, and Anasazi. Includes pictures, audio clips of music, and 360-degree virtual realities.
These sites are about daily life in colonial period. Learn about the colonists' education, clothing, chores, and games. Includes online quizzes and some videos. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the Thirteen Colonies and the Pilgrims.
These links are all about schools during the nineteenth century. View photographs of one room schoolhouses, read about a typical school day, and view timelines of the education system in America. There is a link to an eThemes resource on schools in the twentieth century.

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