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Solar System: Earth's Moon for Elementary

These sites are about the moon that orbits the Earth. Learn about the waxing and waning phases. See video and photographs of the moon. There are also sites that have information about the moon as a solar body with quizzes, puzzles, and activities to help learn the moon’s phases. eThemes Resources on eclipses,planets, rotation and revolution are also included.


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Read brief facts about the moon and view photo of man on the moon.
Find extensive information about the Earth's moon. Learn about two types of Lunar months: Sidereal and Synodic. Scroll down for links to coloring pages, a puzzle, and a quiz. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
This site has everything you ever wanted to know about the moon. Follow the "LUNAR Phases" link to view phases of the moon and then click on "Special Names" to find out more about waxing and waning. You can also choose the beginner or advanced view of the page. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Read about how the moon is a satellite. Click on "Moon Phases" at the bottom for an illustration.
Learn the main concepts behind the five theories on the formation of the moon.
Find out what the moon is made of and what evidence of its geological structure we have.
Learn about moon's dust called regolith. Watch a short video and find out why you cannot build a sand castle on the moon.
Watch the movie and take the quiz to learn about earth's moon. NOTE: Site requires a subscription.
This PDF has instructions on how to build a moon phases' simulator from a shoebox and a Styrofoam ball.
Piece together a picture of the lunar surface with this online jigsaw puzzle.
This site includes interesting moon facts.
Learn about the Moon. Find out about its geological and chemical structure. Learn about the Moon's phases, theories of formation, and sidereal and Synodic periods of rotation. Learn about Apollo missions from earth to the Moon. Includes images of the Moon, simulations, and videos. eThemes Resources on the earth's moon, phases of the moon, eclipses, planets, rotation and revolution are also included.
This resource is about the Moon that revolves around earth. Learn why the Moon displays phases and find out whether there is a dark side of the Moon. The resources include online simulations, games, and in class activities. eThemes Resources on the earth's moon, eclipses, planets, rotation and revolution are also included.
This resource contains information about solar and lunar eclipses. Includes descriptions, Webcasts, images, and charts. There are also sky charts and descriptions of the earth, moon, and sun relationships.
These sites demonstrate rotation, revolution, and the orbit of planets and moons in our solar system. Includes information about day/night cycles, rotational periods, constellations, moon phases, and telling time.
This resource is about the solar system and its nine planets. Includes facts and photographs of the planets. Learn about the various climates and structures.

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