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Summer Solstice

Learn about the longest day and the shortest night on Earth – the summer solstice. Find how the planet’s tilt and orbital rotation creates these days and nights. Learn about Stonehenge and how ancient people and various cultures recognized and celebrated the summer solstice. The sites include photographs, animations, a webquest, and hands-on activities as well as the eThemes Resource on summer.


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Select among Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels to learn about the summer solstice. Click on images to enlarge them.
Learn here when and how the summer solstice occurs. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
View the animation to see how Earth orbits the sun and goes through changes of solstices and equinoxes. Select the link "Countdowns" to learn how much time and how many days are left before the closest summer and winter solstice. Click on the "Almanacs" link to find how long the day will be during the summer solstice at any year from 2000 to 2010.
Learn why the longest day of the year is longer than the longest night. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Learn about the summer solstice using this comic strip.
This page explains the purpose of Stonehenge. Choose Intermediate or Advanced levels to learn more.
This activity teaches kids how to build their own Stonehenge for celebrating the solstice. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This page has interesting photographs of the sun and the moon taken during the summer solstice in Alaska.
This article is about the Sun Dance, the religion ceremony of the Plains Indians, performed at the time of the summer solstice. Includes photographs and drawings.
Learn how pagans celebrated the summer solstice. Follow links at the bottom to read songs written for the event.
These websites are about the summer season. There are information, games, worksheets, lesson plans, and crafts. Includes information about the sun, sunburns, camping, and more. There are links to eThemes on Independence Day, Labor Day, and Seasons.

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