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Math: Negative and Positive Numbers

These sites introduce students to negative and positive numbers and the order of operations. Learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative number. Includes interactive quizzes, games, worksheets, and a lesson plan.


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Choose topic area. Each link has text explanation and lots of examples.
Adding positive/negative numbers. Text and examples with a quiz at the end. Answers are there too.
Learn about negative and positive numbers. Select links at the top to learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers. Click on the "Order of Operations" link at the bottom of the page to read rules and view examples of calculations. Includes quizzes.
A very simple step by step explanation of order of operation. NOTE: The site Includes ads.
Here is an interactive quiz to test arithmetic knowledge.
You decide the difficulty level. FunBrain gives you a problem and you choose the answer. Interactive. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
Flash cards with Negative numbers. Add, subtract, multiply, or divide online.
A good tutorial with online quizzes. Click on tutorial to begin. A new window will open, scroll down to problems.
Order of operation games/quiz. Read the instructions, click on practice or play at the top. Decide conditions for play, then start. Fun interactive game.
Choose order of operations correctly to succeed in the online game. Select between easy, medium, and hard levels. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
Math problems to teach kids the order of operations. Answers provided. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site teaches students basic rules of math operations with negative numbers such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
Solve problems and uncover hidden picture. Click the "Next" button to begin the game. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
This is an interactive game solving equations using order of operation with negative numbers. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
Select among these of worksheets by type of operations and digit numbers.
Here is a lesson plan with in-class activities designed to help kids better understand how to work with negative and positive numbers.

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