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Literature: Online Activities for Lower Elementary

These sites provide interactive quizzes and games to practice reading skills. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on spelling.


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These games are designed to allow students practice on various reading skills, such as words, vocabulary, literacy, phonics, rhyming, etc.
These interactive games focus on developing reading skills for beginning readers.
These interactive reading activities allow students to develop their reading skills.
These interactive reading games are geared to developing elementary student reading comprehension skills; they focus on poetry, nonfiction book publishing, map directions and using a dictionary.
Test your reading skills and see which author wrote which book.
Figure out which authors created the different characters.
Test yourself to see how much you know about Harry Potter's friend Hermione.
Fill in the blanks with parts of speech to make silly stories. Pick from the large list of Web tales to complete.
The library has sprung a leak, and you have to pick up books that have something in common in their titles. Requires Shockwave.
In this game, students have to figure out the missing word and then click on the letters in order that the word is spelled. Requires Shockwave.
Read the directions that change weekly, then click on the words that have the correct sound to stack chickens. Requires Shockwave.
Click on the word that matches the sound, and the lion will pounce on it. Requires Shockwave.
From a list of the alphabet, find the missing letter. You can also hear the ABCs sung to you. Requires Shockwave.
In this game for younger readers, try clicking on the letter that completes the word. Click on the picture to hear the word pronounced. Requires Shockwave.
Click on the story and then answer the questions, fill in the gaps, or recreate the story.
Choose the grade level and the passage you would like to proofread. Fun graphics and sound.
These sites include many interactive spelling games that are fun for the SMARTboard. Also includes lists of common spelling rules and tips on helping students learn to spell.

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