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U.S. Postal Service

These sites are about the U.S. postal services. Learn what they do, about the mail delivery process, technologies used, how a postal system works, and how countries collaborate to deliver mail. Includes the history of the U.S. postal service, types of mail, key people, and the zip code system. There are also video clips, lesson plans, and teaching resources. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the Pony Express and Postage Stamps.


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This student-created website provides information about various postal systems in the world as well as an evolution of postal services from past to present. Learn how a postal system works, how countries collaborate to deliver mail, and more. Includes interesting facts about postal services in different countries.
Find out what Benjamin Franklin contributed to the U.S. postal service.
Watch a video clip to see how mail carriers operated before mail was delivered.
Watch a video clip of how mail was delivered during 1894-1915.
Enter an address to find a zip code. NOTE: This site includes ads.
In this activity, students learn about the duties of mail carriers from interaction with mail carriers, observing mail carriers on duty, and other hands-on experiences.
Learn about the mail delivery process and the technology involved from this video.
This page has various videos related to mail services.
Here are teaching ideas and resources for integrating a postal service unit into the classroom.
These sites are about the Pony Express. Includes maps of the route and a biography on one of the founders. Read about the history of this 1860-1861 mail delivery system.
Focuses on U.S. postage stamp history, production, and prices. Many images of postage stamps from the U.S., around the world, and throughout history.

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