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Texas: State Symbols Discuss this eTheme.

Learn about the official state symbols of Texas including the flag, seal, flower, mascot, and other animals. There are printouts, factsheets, pictures, games, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on Texas state facts.


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This page has state facts and printouts for Texas, including a list of State Symbols. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Here is the history of the state seal of Texas along with a description.
This is a one-page PDF file printout of the Texas state flag that you can color.
This page has information about the bluebonnet and how it came to be adopted as Texas's state flower. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This page has information about the Mockingbird and how it came to be adopted as Texas 's state bird. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Scroll down to find activity worksheets and coloring pages for Texas state symbols. NOTE: This site includes ads and pop-up ads.
Learn what the Texas state symbols are and then play a matching game.
Here are downloadable coloring pages of Texas symbols. Use the left menu for navigation.
These sites include information about Texas state history, state symbols, education, economy, statistics, as well as fun facts about the state. Learn trivia and take quizzes to test your knowledge on Texas.

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