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Migrant Farm Workers

Read real-life accounts about farm workers who migrate to find work. Includes information about the past and present state of migrant workers.


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This article looks at the plight of migrant farmworkers; including information on U.S. farmworkers, the systemic exploitation of farm workers; U.S. Immigration and Labor laws, consolidation and contracting depress wages, the farm labor contractor system, and NAFTA-forced migration from Mexico.
Learn more about migrant farm workers, who they are, why they come, their immigration status, and the changing face of immigrants.
Learn about the struggle of migrant workers throughout history.
Learn about Illinois farmwork, migrant farmworker families, obstacles to student success which migrant farmworker youth face, and health disparities among farmworkers and Latinos in rural Illinois.
This site provides many pictures taken during the Dust Bowl of migrant workers. The text tells about the photographer's fight to get the pictures published.
Seattle reporter Rod Minott talks to various people involved with migrant workers. This site has only text, but there is a lot of information.
Read about migrant childrens' lifestyles. Click on the names under "Migrant Life Through the Eyes of the Child" to read the stories from three children.
Check out the pictures of migrant workers by clicking on the photo thumbnails that link to bigger pictures. There are seven pages of photographs. Click on a page number at the top to see more.
This is a list of the basic human rights that migrant workers should have. Below this list are descriptions of ways the government ensures these rights. (The bottom half of the page requires advanced vocabulary skills.)
This site offers activities to do with the book written by Linda Jacobs Altman. The story is about a migrant family and the crops grown in California.
Read a story of a migrant family and their hopes for the future.

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