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Transportation: Overview

These sites give a brief overview of the history of transportation. Topics covered include women in transportation, museum information, and more. Links to eThemes Resources on specific modes of transportation are included.


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This exhibition provides a visual timeline of transportation in America.
This site provides archival photographs of various railroads, examples of types of trains, and additional links to facts about trains.
This lesson plan involves students in learning the effects of transportation in their lives and what kinds of transportation affect the culture around them. An oral presentation by students will show they understand the connection of transportation and culture.
Learn about the variety of transportation that exists today. Learn about types of transportation in other countries.
This site describes womens involvement in improving transportation. The side links tell about women in the development of different modes of transportation.
Here is the history of transportation reflected by United States postage stamps.
Read this chapter about wheels and early transportation. Then take the quiz from the link "Chapter One Quiz" over the reading.
Here is a list of links to different transportation museums. Includes cars, trains, motorcycles, cable cars, and ships. This site also provides a search function to locate museums in your state.
These sites focus on automobile transportation. Read about the development of the first automoblies as well as the electric cars of today. Contains photographs of old and new cars. Also included is information about the parts of cars and their functions.
These sites feature information on various forms of mass transportation. Includes images of the different forms of public transit that are used all over the world.
These sites explain the different types of covered wagons that were used by pioneers to traverse the Oregon Trail in the late 19th century. Topics include the materials, dimensions, usage, manufacturers, cost, and durability of this primitive mode of transportation.
Read all about railroads, trains, and the transcontinental railroad. Sites contain historical photos, audio, video, Webcams, and interactive quizzes on this mode of transportation.
Learn about steamboats and their impact on American history. See drawings and photographs and read first-hand accounts. Includes audio files of steamboat whistles and videos of the boats. Also read about the inventors and builders. Includes eThemes Resources on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Watch a video on steamboats in Hannibal.
These sites about transportation are for children in grades 1-2. Topics covered include automobiles, trains, boats, and aircraft. There are also images and interactive games about the forms of transportation and their histories.

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