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Math: Virtual Manipulatives

This is a collection of interactive math manipulative sites. Move the manipulatives to demonstrate mathematical problems and concepts. The concepts that are covered include addition, subtraction, graphing, geometry, fractions, and more. Some sites include animated tutorials, printable math manipulatives, information about Base 10 Blocks and how to use them. There are links to eThemes Resources on tessellations, pattern blocks, and tangrams.


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Learn online how to use a simple calculator.
Click on a link, print out the page, and make your own math manipulatives that students can use during math activities.
Choose a grade level and a topic area, then try the many interactive math manipulatives. Includes base blocks, coin problems, fractions, graphs, etc.
This site offers different math related manipulatives online. Make patterns, create triangles on geoboards, make rectangles, play with tangrams, hundreds board, and much more. Includes directions for the teacher.
Learn about fractions using these shapes and patterns. Click on the "online" link to begin playing. The link called "these shapes" has the shapes to print out. "4 geometric figures" is a mini tutorial on the figures.
Click on "Simple Graph Paper" for a graph that you can use on the SMARTboard or print out. "X, Y Scaling" explains how the axes are scaled and labeled.
Students can use this interactive Base 10 site to count. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Teach students addition using this online base 10 blocks activity.
See different fractions online and choose the numerator and denominator.
Color sections of the rectangle then write as a fraction.
Pick the right fraction and cross the river. Here is animated help to practice fractions.
Find the right fraction and lunch fireworks.
Follow the directions at the top to see the multiplication problem solved.
These sites explain how to create tessellations with polygons using rotation and reflection. Also includes information about artist M.C. Escher and examples of his tessellation artwork. There are several interactive games for manipulating patterns online. Includes a link to eThemes resources on pattern blocks and tangrams, shapes, and symmetry.
This is a collection of sites about pattern blocks and tangrams. There are several interactive sites that allow you to manipulate blocks and tangrams online. Also includes hands-on classroom activities that focus on polygons, area, angles, fractions, and patterns. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on geometric shapes.

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