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These sites have information about the history of photography and the photographic process. Read biographies of famous photographers, browse through a timeline of important events, and learn how cameras and film work. Includes an online simulation that demonstrates the importance of shutter speed and aperture. There are online games and videos, plus many historic and modern photos. Includes instructions for making a pinhole camera, plus information on how to use photography to teach mathematical concepts.


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View important images from different years. Click on an image to see an enlarged view.
View these images and read the text to learn more about the time period and the techniques used.
Learn about this photography process that was invented in France. Daguerreotypes were popular throughout the 1840s.
Click on "Search" or "Browse" to find images made on daguerreotypes. Search for Matthew Brady, one of the most famous photographers of his time.
Learn more about the science of color theory as it applies to the autochrome process.
Follow the instructions for making a pinhole magnifier that will enlarge the objects you look at. The science behind this concept is explained.
This PBS site is filled with valuable information. Click on "Special Feature" for an interactive activity of making a color photo, a virtual tour of Eastman's home, explanation on how wet plates worked, essays about Eastman's life and audio files of KODAK tunes.
Try these interactive games and learn more about reflected light, the speed of light, color and optical illustions. Teachers can click on the "Teacher" link at the bottom for activity sheets to print out.
Sponsored by the Smithsonian, this interactive site allows you to zoom in on objects and then view them. Put your mouse over "Photography," which is on the grid in the middle of the page, and then move the mouse over the rectangles. To view an object, click with your mouse, and then click on "Learn More About This Object." This is a fun way to learn more about the history of photography.
Click on a name of a National Geographic photographer and view an archived video of their presentation. Teachers should preview the videos before showing in class. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has copyright-free images that you can use.
This is a lesson plan idea for using photography games to teach mathematical concepts.
This is a famous photography contest attracting entries from photographers around the world. Click on "Winning Images" at the top to view the best pictures of 2001.
These sites are about pinhole photography. Includes links to pages on how to build various types of pinhole cameras, advanced pinhole techniques, the history of pinhole photography, and Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Also includes a link to the eThemes Resource on Photography.

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