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Washington, D.C.

Learn about Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital. Take virtual tours of the White House and the Capitol Building. Visit memorials and monuments as well as museums and the zoo. Interactive maps of the city are included with information about various sites to visit. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government.


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Learn all about Washington, D.C. through this virtual tour. Clicking on a building opens a new browser window and provides information about the building, and a tour of available exhibits. Historic Documents and Educator's Resources are also given.
This section of the Official Washington, D.C. Travel Website provides information for touring the monuments and memorials. The homepage assists with planning a trip, events, and free attractions.
This site provides an interactive tour of the Lincoln Memorial and reflections from the Park Rangers.
Students watch the PBS Arthur episode, "Arthur Meets the President". After viewing travel brochures of Washington, D.C., students research a site and create an informational travel poster.
This site provides resources and information about the structure and duties of local, state, and federal governments. Students learn how government affects daily life and duties of the President.
Watch the video and learn many facts about the Washington Monument. More facts are given in the "Did You Know?" section. A link to a virtual tour to Washington D.C. is given in the "Try It Out!" section.
Join Flat Stanley as he travels to see landmarks in various states and Washington, D.C. Flat Stanley sees the cherry trees, White House, Library of Congress, and the Capitol Building.
This site provides information for visitors and lessons for teachers and students. A video about the museum is provided.
Learn about the programs and exhibits at the National Zoo. Download the zoo's app and activity sheets to plan your visit. Admission to the zoo is free.
This National Park Service site includes a brief explanation of the sites found in the National Mall. Click on the links to the right to see monuments and the White House.
Choose from low bandwidth or high bandwidth to take a virutal tour of the chambers of the U.S. Capitol.
This site includes an interactive map of the cemetery, photos, and historical information.
Explore this site and learn more about the U.S. Mint. Includes games, teacher guides, cartoons and fun facts about coins.
Learn more about the FBI, which has its headquarters in Washington, DC. Play the games and learn some safety tips.
Learn about the executive branch of the United States Government. Topics include the American president, the presidential cabinet, executive agencies, and presidential history. Includes audio of radio addresses and virtual tours of the White House. Also has information on Camp David and Air Force One.
These sites explain the role of the Supreme Court and the judicial branch of government. Includes information on the justices, explanations of court proceedings, summaries of landmark cases, and a Webquest.
Learn all about the U.S. Congress and how it operates. Other topics include how laws are made, how to write a bill, and how to contact your elected official. Includes interactive virtual tour of the U.S. Capitol.

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