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Maps: Latitude and Longitude

These sites focus on latitude and longitude. Other topics include time zones, the prime meridian, and the equator. Many sites are interactive.


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This NASA page gives a brief definition of latitude and longitude. Includes illustrations.
This page has a map that shows latitude and longitude degrees. It also includes a formula for converting degrees:minutes:seconds to degrees.
Here's a list of states. Choose one to click on and view the latitude and longitude of major cities.
Explore these links to learn how sailors navigated before maps had latitude lines.
Click on "Find Your Longitude" to play an interactive game where you have to guess your longitude. Site also includes a teacher's guide.
Read about the man who first created the longitude system. Includes photos of his timepieces. This is part of Royal Observatory Greenwich's site.
Enter a specific latitude and longitude, and then see what this location looks like from space. A fun interactive tool.
Provides some basic information about the Prime Meridian.
This is a fun activity to get students to practice figuring out latitude and longitude.
This interactive globe lets you click on a country, then see the latitude and longitude plus the local time. Click "Access the Service's Main Page Here" to begin.
This page includes tables showing latitudes and longitudes of different locations. The questions at the end ask students to use latitude and longitude to find the answers.
This page lists the coordinates for every country. Look up the coordinates, then find the country on a map.
A table listing the latitude and longitude of cities around the world. Also includes the time.
Enter latitude and longitude coordinates to calculate the sunrise and sunset of that location. A fun interactive tool.
Students will learn various maps skills and vocabulary words by working with maps and by reading background information. Compare and contrast different maps. Includes eThemes resources on maps. Also features an eMINTS WebQuest.
Click on a state to zoom in and find the latitude and longitude. You can zoom in 9 times to find precise locations.

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