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Math: Multiplication: Applied

Explore links to practice multiplication of a two-digit number by a two digit-number and division of three-digit numbers. Solve word problems taken from everyday life. Includes interactive online games, worksheets, puzzles, and in class activities. There are links to eThemes resources with games and exercises for multiplication and division, and word problems.


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This online game can help kids to practice with multiplication of double digits.
Use this worksheet to multiply a two-digit number by a two-digit number.
Practice division skills using this worksheet.
Practice multiplying double numbers using this worksheet. Click on the "Change" button for more exercises.
Practice multiplication and solve word problems that require knowledge of division. For multiplication: in the first dropdown menu "Show Fewer Levels" select the "7: Multiplication" option and in the "Select Problem Level" dropdown menu choose the "18: Multiplication 2x2". For the division practice: select the "8: Division" in the "Show Fewer Levels" dropdown menu and choose there the "84: Word Division (Extra Info)" option.
Practice two-digit multiplication then solve a puzzle. Includes answers for the puzzle.
Here are more exercises and another puzzle to solve. Includes answers for the puzzle.
This in class activity can help teachers and students to find easier way to perform multiplications and divisions.
Here is an in class activity that makes math fun with the taste of M&M cookies.
Find various word problems in the "Number and Math Play" section on this page. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Solve these word problems of real life situations using division.
Find out how multiplication can be useful in everyday tasks.
These sites offer many fun interactive games that let students practice their multiplication skills. Includes multiplication tables, flashcards, and classroom activity ideas.
These sites have games and quizzes that test students' division skills. Includes sites with printable pages of practice problems.
These sites feature math word problems and brain teasers. There are also techniques for solving problems. Several of these online exercises are interactive.

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