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Maps: Political and Economic

This eThemes resource is a collection of maps that represent political boundaries, major cities, transportation routes, etc. Maps of the world, continents, countries, states, and regions. Some are downloadable and can be modified using graphics editors. Includes images of the maps, printouts, quizzes, and online games. There are links to eThemes resources on physical and topographical maps and how to use the maps.


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Here is a political map of the U.S.
Use these labeled and unlabeled outline political maps in a classroom.
This is 3.5 MB PDF political map of the world.
Large, printable maps for each country. Downloadable in GIF or PDF format.
Explore these small political maps of the world countries.
This page has two large political world maps. The first map includes country names and the second map provides latitude and longitude graticules. Click on links to enlarge the maps. NOTE: The site includes popup and banner ads.
Select a country from a drop-down menu. Read facts about the selected country below the map and click on the country's name to learn even more. NOTE: The site includes popup and banner ads.
This 546K PDF is an economic map of the world of gross domestic product in 1995.
Explore interactive map of economic state of the world's countries. NOTE: The site has a link to a blog.
Solve Jigsaw puzzles made of political maps of U.S., Europe, Australia, Africa, and more. NOTE: The site includes popup and banner ads.
Select among a number of quizzes and find continents, countries, states, and cities on the maps.
Here is an outline map of the world. Print the map out and color countries in different colors. Click on the map to open a page with printouts of continents and countries. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These colorful printouts can help students to learn locations and boarders of many courtiers in the world. NOTE: The site is available by subscription only and the site includes ads.
These sites feature physical and topographical maps to help students find natural and man-made features. Includes interactive maps, images, games, and a lesson plan.
These sites cover various maps skills and vocabulary words related to using maps. Compare and contrast different maps. Includes links to other eThemes Resources on maps.

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