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Transportation: Boats

Information about the different kinds of boats. Learn about canoes, pirogues, keelboats, cruise ships, and sailboats. Hands-on activities and lesson plans are also included. There are also links to eThemes Resources on steamboats, transportation, and Physics: Buoyancy.


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Notes and photos from annual expeditions that recreate the travels of Lewis and Clark on these different boats.
Find out how different types of boats float in water.
This fact filled site tells not only about the remains of U-869, but includes a timeline of 400 submarines. "Fire a Torpedo" is an online game to play.
This ThinkQuest lets children go to "Sailor School" and design a clipper ship.
Lots of information about many different types of boats and the history behind water travel. Listen to the text in RealAudio also.
In this lesson plan, students will learn about factors that need to take into consideration when design a boat from a hand-on experiment.
Students will apply knowledge of floating, sinking, density, and buoyancy to explain why two famous historical ships sank on their maiden voyages.
These sites give a brief overview of the history of transportation. Topics covered include women in transportation, transportation clip art, museum information, and more. Links to eThemes Resources on specific modes of transportation are included.
Learn about steamboats and their impact on American history. See drawings and photographs and read first-hand accounts. Includes audio files of steamboat whistles and videos of the boats. Also read about the inventors and builders. Includes eThemes Resources on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Watch a video on steamboats in Hannibal.
Find out what causes objects to float or sink in water and how balloons float in the air. Learn about Archimedes principles and buoyant force. Includes online games, puzzles, interactive animations, science experiments, and a lesson plan.

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