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Grammar: Compound Sentences for Lower Elementary

These sites are about compound sentences for lower grades. They focus on combining clauses using basic coordinating conjunctions. Includes online games, quizzes, practice questions, and worksheets. There are also links to eThemes Resources on conjunctions and compound sentences.


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Find out what coordinating conjunctions are and how to join two clauses together. Then take a quiz at the bottom of a page.
A four-page pdf worksheet composes of two sections, functions of four basic coordinating conjunctions and practice questions.
Choose a correct conjunction for each compound sentence.
Identify if a sentence is a simple or compound sentence.
Learn how to identify coordinating conjunctions and how the meaning of sentences are changed by adding coordinating conjunctions.
Review a lesson and then take a quiz related to complete, simple, and compound sentences.
Read the lyrics to this song about conjunctions.
Test how much you know about structures of compound and complex sentences. Click "Revision bites" and "quiz" for more information and practices.
These websites are about conjunctions. Learn what a conjunction is, see lists of conjunctions, and complete interactive activities.
Here are resources for learning about compound sentences. There are interactive activities where students can combine simple sentences or identify conjunctions, printable worksheets, and ideas for hands-on lesson plans.

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