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Human Body: Teeth

Learn about the structure of your teeth, different types of teeth you have, and their functions. Learn how to take care of your teeth and prevent them from dental diseases. Find out what the first trip to a dentist might be like. Includes movies, classroom activities, hand-on experiments, lesson plans, and online games.


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This animated instructional video teaches how to brush and floss teeth. (Total Running Time: 2:35) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Crawford the Cat teaches kids about brushing their teeth. (Total Running Time: 5:11) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Elmo shares a story about a friend's first trip to the dentist, watches the Teeth Channel, and talks to a wisdom tooth to learn more about teeth. (Total Running Time: 8:20) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Learn about functions of mouth and teeth, common mouth and dental diseases and conditions, and maintaining healthy teeth.
This site includes information about the different types of teeth, their functions, and problems associated with teeth. Click on the skeleton of teeth to rotate it in the small window and see teeth from different angles. NOTE: The Talk link goes to a message board.
Lean about the development of teeth we have at different ages. Information about different kinds of teeth and their functions, as well as a cross-section picture a tooth is included.
This site provides information about the causes of cavities and why a cavity takes so long to hurt. To view a step-by-step treatment procedure, click `Root Canal Slideshow' at the bottom of the root canal therapies section.
See animations that demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques and brief information about dental diseases.
Learn the numbering teeth system used in the United State.
Learn about tips for preventing accident and injury to your teeth and learn what to do when an accident does occur.
This site provides some ideas and resources such as hand-on activities, lesson plans, and presentations for teachers.
Learn how to help first and second graders understand proper care of their mouths and structures within. This site includes lesson plans for teachers and student activities with interactive activities and games. In each activity, click `CC' for a caption on.
This site has a game where children try to match the set of teeth to the right animal and an online quiz to test their understanding about human teeth, different animals, and their diets. NOTE: The Talk link goes to a message board.
Learn about cavities, cavities and teeth diseases prevention, dental visit, and more . Includes interactive tools and videos.
Read an article about toothpaste invention and how to keep your teeth healthy.
Learn about dental health from fun facts, stories, and games.
This video features some of the risks of not maintaining good dental hygiene. (Total Running Time: 2:21) NOTE: May be more appropriate for older kids, some reading required and some graphic images included. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)

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