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Math: Bar, Line, and Picture Graphs

These sites include examples of different types of graphs such as bar, line, and pictographs. Many of the sites are interactive and demonstrate how graphing works. Also includes several hands-on activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on circle graphs and statistics to graph.


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Here is a good example of information used to complete a graph. Includes an example of a horizontal and vertical bar graph.
Students can create graphs by entering their data into this template available online. Begin by choosing a type of graph.
This teacher-created site tells about bar, line, and scatter plot graphs and shows examples.
Students create graphs using people in this class activity.
In this activity, students make graphs with live people. Students create graphs using their birthday.
This text explains how seeing information is often easier to comprehend than reading it. This emphasizes the importance of using graphs.
This site demonstrates how to make bar and picture graphs with the Claris Works computer software.
This page reviews the parts of a bar graph for more experienced bar graph users.
Advance through the interactive animated movie to learn how to read and use graphs. Click on the "Fact Sheet", "Test", and "Work Sheet" buttons at the top to learn more on topic and practice new skills. NOTE: The "Talk" link at the top of the page leads to forums.
These sites contain statistics and information that students can use to create graphs. The sites include sports statistics, lengths of rivers, heights of waterfalls, temperature, and more. eTheme Resources on different types of graphs are included.
These sites include interactive games, activities, and simulations of circle graphs/pie charts. Also includes some basic data that can be analyzed and some scoring rubrics.

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