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Literature: "The Best Halloween Ever" by Barbara Robinson

These websites are about the book “The Best Halloween Ever,” author Barbara Robinson, and Halloween. There are reviews of the book, an excerpt from the book, and Halloween-themed math lesson plans. Includes links to eThemes on Halloween and other Robinson books.


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This site provides biographical information and a list of other Missouri authors.
Use the "Spider" math activities, the "Bat" math activities, and the candy corn graphing activities for learning and fun. Many additional activities involving fall and Halloween are included.
This site provides numerous writing activities and links to websites related to Halloween.
Use this site with your students to carve pumpkins without the mess. Additional pumpkin carving sites are given.
These are more Halloween books you might enjoy reading.
Here are some Halloween word problems. NOTE: The website includes a link to a website with a guestbook.
This page has discussion topics before, during, and after reading. Includes crafts idea.
These sites have a variety of crafts, games, and activities relating to Halloween. Includes educational sites with a Halloween theme that have students complete word problems, write poetry, and test reading comprehension. Other sites have games and craft activities that are just for fun. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on the history of Halloween.
These sites provide activities to go along with the book "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever" by Barbara Robinson.
These sites are about "The Best School Year Ever" and author Barbara Robinson. There are various reading and vocabulary activities for the classroom. Includes some sites on kindness, cooperation, and bullying.

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