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Seasons: Autumn: Changing Leaves

These websites include information about why tree leaves change colors in Autumn. The different webpages include explanations for elementary school students up to high school students. There are animations, lesson plans, games, and more. Includes links to eThemes resources on autumn crafts and activities, trees, and the fall harvest.


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This website for younger students explains why leaves change color in the Fall.
This site provides information why leaves change color, why some trees loose leave, and how weather affect color intensity.
Older students can watch this video to find out why leaves change color in the fall. NOTE: This site includes a message board.
Watch this animated video that explains why leaves change color in autumn. NOTE: The site includes a link to a discussion forum.
Here are four autumn activity ideas. Note: This site includes ads.
Read which trees have leaves that turn yellow and which trees have leaves that turn red.
Read this explanation of why the leaves change color in autumn. This site is for high school students and includes chemistry formulas. NOTE: The site includes links to websites with discussion boards.
Read this article to learn some values of Autumn as mental therapy and food source. Note: This site includes banner ads.
Watch a time lapse movie of trees changing color from September to November.
There are various lesson plans, activities, and resource lists cover a variety of subjects related to Autumn theme.
Here is an activity you can do when the leaves change colors.
These websites have autumn crafts, activities, and games. There are interactive quizzes, printable worksheets and activities, recipes, and fall poems. Also included are links to eThemes on fall harvest, leaves changing colors in autumn, Halloween and the Day of the Dead.
These sites cover the fall season and related topics such as apples, pumpkins, autumn equinox, and leaves. Also learn how other cultures celebrate fall. Includes an eMINTS WebQuest on apples.

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