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Reading Skills: Sight Words

These websites have lists and activities that will help students learn sight words. There are many quizzes and games. Also learn why it is so important that students learn sight words.


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This 39-page PDF file includes sight word lists for preschool to third grade. Each word is also shown in a sentence.
This five page PDF file has many sight words. There is a picture for each word to help students learn the words.
Here are eleven lists of site words with beautiful illustrations by a children's book illustrator. Click on the word lists to see the full-page size.
This three page PDF file contains a story with many sight words. The words are highlighted based on grade level.
Try this concentration game that uses color sight words.
This eight page PDF file has colorful blank bingo boards that you can print out. Have the students fill in the boards with sight words and then play sight word bingo.
Read this short online book that uses sight words. Click on the words to hear them read aloud.
Drag these words onto the lines to make a sentence. The words will be read aloud as you click on them. This could be a fun smartboard activity.

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