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Math: Pre-Algebra

Learn about basic pre-algebra principles and how to apply the principles to solve missing addends, minuends, and divisors. These sites have online lessons, interactive games and exercises, and tools that can help kids better understand pre-algebra. Includes links to eThemes resources on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


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Increase your knowledge about algebra vocabulary from flash cards, word search, concentration, and matching games. You can review the terms before starting each activity by clicking `list of terms'.
Learn an easy way to solve algebraic problems. Key concepts and links to algebraic history are included.
This site offers algebra and pre-algebra problems with explanations. Students can use the "Revise" button for a review before starting to solve problems. NOTE: The Talk link on this site leads to websites with discussion boards, forums, message boards, etc.
Learn the English meaning of mathematical symbols. The goal is to form an English sentence that matches the algebraic equation by selecting the correct tiles and arranging them in the proper order. To make a sentence, drag the word tiles one at a time from the middle bin to the bottom one.
Improve your math skills with online flashcards. You can create your own set of flashcards such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. To create flashcards, under `Non-Java Flashcards', select `Algebra' and follow instructions. Step-by-step solution is given for each question. NOTE: This site includes ad.
Create and printout worksheets for basic algebra problems. To get answers for created problems, click on the "Get Answers" button at the bottom of a page.
This site helps students learn algebra concepts from direct manipulation of visual objects. The concepts include algebraic expressions, pattern prediction, graphs and functions, and variables.
A fun way to learn about the order of operation and equations. Enter the numbers on the rocks in the correct box. To find out the correct answer and the result of the order you make, click `Check Answer' button. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
Apply your knowledge of algebra, addition, and subtraction to find the missing numbers. Players can select levels of difficulty and types of operation. A 'Hint' is provided if your answer is too high or too low. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
Look at these math topics from Mr. Larson's 7th grade class: Goldbach's Conjecture and the Factor Game. "Pre-Algebra School Notes" has various topics such as Properties, Simplifying, Exponents, and Solving Two Step Equations.
Explore this story problem involving functions.
This site provides a grades 3-5 lesson plan for teachers to introduce the use of variables to students with no prior algebra knowledge. It covers symbol variables and substitution of symbols to discover unknown values.
Students in grades 6-8 can conceptualize from arithmetic to algebra using story problems in this lesson plan.
Read this lesson plan for introducing the concept of variables as unknowns.
These sites have interactive games, quizzes, and activities for addition and subtraction. There are also flashcards and sample questions you can print out.
Learn how to subtract using the rule of regrouping. These sites have online lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and a rhyme that can help kids to understand how regrouping works. Includes printable worksheets and puzzles, online exercises and games.
These sites offer many fun interactive games that let students practice their multiplication skills. Includes multiplication tables, flashcards, and classroom activity ideas.
These sites have games and quizzes that test students' division skills. Includes sites with printable pages of practice problems.

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