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Science: Pollution

These sites are about different forms of pollution and how it affects our environment. Topics include water quality, acid rain, smog, oil spills, and more. There are online games, classroom activities, and maps. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the greenhouse effect, recycling, Earth Day, and going green.


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Enter your zip code at right to find pollution information about your county, including what pollutants exist, what their levels are, and who is producing them. NOTE: The site includes forums.
Find out how important our water is and learn how to take care of it.
Read about the dangers of mercury and where you can find it.
This online picture book is about pollution and how it affects us.
This online story tells how a town cleaned up its environment after realizing it was polluted.
This site from the MPCA has lots of facts about pollutants and waste. Learn how they can be cleaned up.
Learn about indoor air pollution, its causes, and more from this official US government site.
This Jeopardy-style game includes answers and questions about hazardous materials .
This site explains about acid rain and its effects.
This interactive site helps students understand how smog affect air quality.
These sites have information on solid waste, composting, and recycling. Read about how paper and plastic are recycled. Includes online games and classroom project ideas. There are links to eThemes Resources on Earth Day and pollution.
These sites are about Earth Day. Includes classroom and community activities to celebrate this holiday. Many sites explain how to protect the environment and conserve energy. There are links to eThemes Resources on recycling, pollution, and Arbor Day.
These sites describe the greenhouse effect and its impact on earth and humans. Some sites include experiments.
These sites provide resources and information on helping a school "go green". There is information on strategies to teach kids about going green and to help create a green school environment. There are also guidelines for schools to get started with the green school program and examples of best practices from other schools. Includes animations and interactive websites, lesson plans, and teaching resources. There are links to eThemes Resources on Recycling, Energy: Renewable and Non-Renewable, Earth Day, and Community Projects.

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