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Native Americans: Choctaw

Learn the history of the Choctaw Indians, their location, their journey on the Trail of Tears, and their culture. Sites include images, maps, and audio files. Included are links to eThemes resources on Native American culture and lifestyles.


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This is the main page for the Choctaw Nation. Click on the Language link under "Culture," then scroll down for the Choctaw "Word of the Day" which includes an audio file for the correct pronunciation.
Browse through these links to learn more about Choctaw daily life, clothing, names, food, medicine, and more. NOTE: Reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is important information for teachers.
Students can read this encyclopedia article on the Choctaw tribe. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This is the main page for the Mississippi band of the Choctaw Indians. Click on "History" or "Culture" for extensive information.
Students can click on "Head Start" to learn some Choctaw words. Click on "Word of the Day" and then scroll down for the correct pronunciation of some Choctaw phrases.
This page contains a series of articles with information about Choctaw history, customs, culture, and legends.
This article contains detailed information about the history of Choctaws in Alabama. The reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
This article is about the forced removal of the Choctaw from their territories and the Trail of Tears. Includes illustrations and links to treaty texts.
Here is an article about the Mississippi Choctaw today.
This article is about Choctaw leader Pushmataha, who negotiated several well-publicized treaties with the United States. Includes illustrations.
Learn more about the cultures of various Native American tribes. Some sites emphasize that these are "live" cultures because there are more than a million American Indians living today. Watch videos of a powwow, read biographies of famous Native Americans, and view paintings and photographs. Includes population statistics on the largest tribes and information about the controversy over the use of Native Americans as school mascots.
These sites focus on Native American lifestyles and how they lived in early days. Learn about values, norms, cultures, traditions, and customs of Native American Indians and how those things affected their lifestyles. Includes pictures, games, lesson plans, and worksheets. There are links to eThemes resources on Native American Culture, Pocahontas, the Wampanoag Indians, and Native Americans: Mound Builders.

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