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Math: Estimation, Rounding, and Money

Learn how to estimate and round numbers and money. These sites include information on math as it relates to money and shopping. There are online activities that allow students to practice estimating and rounding skills. Includes links to eThemes Resource on counting money and money facts.


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Explore links on this page in the "Rounding Numbers" and "Estimating" section. Includes explanations, online practice exercises, and games. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This interactive game lets you choose matching or concentration.
This lesson plan is designed for third-fifth graders and uses grocery receipts to teach students about estimation. NOTE: The site includes ads and a message board for teachers.
This interactive game can be played using place value or rounding. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
Select links on this page to learn and practice adding and converting coins, calculating interest, adding and subtracting money, and much more. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This interactive game lets you choose the playing level and the currency to be used. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This interactive game lets you practice rounding numbers. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Practice your math skills with this interactive game. Choose from matching, flashcards, or concentration.
During this in-class activity kids can learn how to estimate a money total.
Scroll page down to the "Rounding Whole Numbers" and "Money" sections, then select links to worksheets.
Create you own Rounding worksheets online. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites can help younger kids learn about the value of coins and bills and how to identify them. Explore the links to find out how to add and subtract coins and dollar bills. Includes online games, hands-on activities, and worksheets. There are links to eThemes Resources on intermediate level of counting money, estimating and rounding money, and money facts.
Learn how to count money and make change. Find out what money worth and play fun online money games. Includes worksheets, quizzes, and lesson plans. There are links to eThemes Resources on money facts and estimating and rounding money.
These sites focus on money. Includes the history of money around the world and in the U.S. See photos of the earliest U.S. coins and bills, read how money is made, and learn about the 50 state quarters program. There are links to related eThemes Resources on money.

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