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Natural Disasters: Volcanoes

These sites have information and facts about volcanoes. Also learn about volcanoes throughout history and how to construct volcano models. Many sites are interactive and include video clips or live Webcams.


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This site provides information about volcanoes. Click on the links on the top to learn more. Check out "4-Kids" and "For Educators" for activities, games, and lesson plans on volcanoes.
View and listen to this video clip about the viscosity of lava. Other sections of this include interactive features. Take the link Back to Melting Rocks and then click Try Your Hand at Melting Rocks.
Here are links to several volcano activities and printable handouts. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the anatomy of the volcano and seismic signals. Also includes a teacher's guide.
Find out if it is possible to predict when a volcano will erupt. Read about the warning signs volcanoes give.
Read and see pictures of Hawaii's volcanoes. Click on "Eruption Update" for new information.
This world map shows all the active volcanoes. Click on a name to learn more about it.
This site comes from NASA's Classroom of the Future project. The site is based on problem-solving and gives students scenarios and the tools to work through them. It features information on several different volcanoes, as well as lots of images.
Find out what it is like to live near an active volcano.
Test your volcano knowledge with this vocabulary activity.
Learn about volcano types and inside a volcano. Click "virtual volcano" to build your own volcano and watch it erupt. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the active volcanoes of Hawai'i. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Click on a movie to learn about the volcanoes and its process. Scroll down for a quiz and an experiment. NOTE: Subscription is required for this site.
Students will research the characteristics and effects of earthquakes and volcanoes.
A collection of sites describing natural disasters and the various relief efforts. Includes maps, graphics, and video. eThemes Resources on specific disasters are linked.

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