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Natural Selection

These sites provide information about the concept of natural selection. Learn how the natural selection process occurs and its effect on the evolution of living things. The topics cover natural selection, theory of evolution, adaptation, and misconceptions about natural selection. Includes examples, an interview transcript, online resources, lesson plans, and video clips. Includes eThemes Resources on animal adaptations and Charles Darwin.


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This site provides brief information about natural selection.
Read about some misconceptions about natural selection and adaptation.
This site provides a series of online activities for students to learn about selective and nonselective mechanisms for evolution as well as adaptation, speciation, coevolution, and convergent evolution. Includes video clips, resources, and teacher guides.
This site is about evolution and related topics such as change, extinction, and survival. Click on "Teachers & Students" for classroom resources.
This lesson helps students develop an understanding of the natural selection concept through an experiment. NOTE: The correct URL for a link to "Natural Selection" activity sheet under the Materials section is
Students will be introduced to a concept of natural adaptation through an interactive tool.
Learn how natural selection and adaptation contribute to variation in skin color.
Students will study about the Evolutionary Theory. They will examine the arguments and theories set forth by three historically important scientists: Jean Baptiste Lamarck, Alfred Russel Wallace, and Charles Darwin. Includes student worksheets.
Here is an interview with one of the most influential evolutionary biologists of today addresses many aspects of natural selection: how it works, examples, misconceptions, and implications. Includes links to other resources on natural selection. Note: There are links to external websites.
This page provides biography of Charles Darwin and his contribution to the theory of evolution and natural selection.
Learn about natural selection and how species respond to the changes in the environment. The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
These sites are about Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution. Learn about his life and works. Topics include Beagle voyage, Galapagos Islands, The Origin of Species, and more. There are a webcast, educator's guides, and a lesson plan that go along with this theme. There are links to eThemes Resources on natural selection and animal adaptations.
These sites are about the behaviors and physical traits that enable animals to survive in their environments. Topics include camouflage, mimicry, and natural selection.

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