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Technology: Windows Movie Maker

These sites help readers learn how to use Windows Movie Maker. Videos, step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and tutorials are included.


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Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to Movie Maker tutorials: Try an AutoMovie theme, Edit the video, Share with friends, Edit the audio, and Add your photos and videos.
Learn the basics of Windows Movie Maker: about the panes, about the storyboard and timeline, and about the preview monitor. Includes links to more in-depth tutorials.
Learn how to make/edit a movie using Windows Movie Maker. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
Watch these video clips to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker; includes: Windows Movie Maker Interface, Saving a Project, Capturing Video, Importing Content, Using the Storyboard, Changing Default Settings, Editing with the Timeline, Adding Titles and Credits, Adding a Music/Audio Track, Adding Narration, Exporting a Movie, and Converting to iPod Format with Videora.
Learn how to use Windows Movie Maker via these tutorials, including: an overview, interface, projects, and movie tasks.



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