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Science: Dissection

These websites contain videos and stills from dissections of various animals with an emphasis on frogs. There are tutorials for frog, cat, sheep’s brain, or cow’s eye dissections. Included for comparison are two eThemes resources on human anatomy and physiology, and an eThemes resource on frogs.


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View labeled diagrams and live videos of a cat dissection. You can then test your knowledge of cat anatomy by labeling blank diagrams or taking a multiple choice quiz.
This is a step-by-step tutorial using a sheep's brain. Each still is labeled in detail with lots of information on brain anatomy and several display options. NOTE: Reading level is for older students.
Part of a larger exhibit on memory, this virtual tour of brain anatomy shows stills of a sheep's brain dissection along with explanations of the functions of different brain structures. Click the "back" button to find interactive games and other features.
This is an interactive web site where students can learn about the anatomy of the eye. There are photos and videos of a cow's eye dissection, diagrams of how the eye works and information about optics, and step-by-step instructions for doing your own dissection.
Students can practice dissecting and rebuilding a digitized frog on this government site. There is a tutorial on how to use the program, and links to further frog resources. Click on the "Whole Frog Project" to see more 3-d reconstructions and animations of frog anatomy.
These images show the skeleton, organs, digestive, and nervous system of a digital frog. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.
This interactive website walks you through a virtual fetal pig dissection with stills and animations, and contains study guides and quizzes for each step of the dissection. The animations require the Shockwave plug-in.
Learn about the different human body systems and how they function in these sites that are written for elementary students. Includes illustrations, animated movies, and online quizzes. There are links to several eThemes Resources on anatomy for older students.
These sites have information on frogs, snails, and fiddler crabs. Learn about the habitat of each, along with how to care for them in captivity. Includes interactive games, activities, and videos. There are also links to eThemes Resources on animal adaptations and Missouri frogs.
Learn about human anatomy and physiology. Find out about the human brain, skeletal, digestive, muscle, nervous, cardiovascular, and other systems. Explore these sites for online 3D tours and simulations. Includes 3D and 2D animations, interactive images, labeled diagrams, quizzes, handouts and activities. There are links to eThemes resources on circulatory respiratory, and support systems.

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